When it comes to marketing your product there are several different options to explore. Looking for creative, cost-effective ways to boost your marketing efforts? Find out how our brand partnership programme can help.

The benefits of a brand partnership

A brand partnership is relatively just connecting with a like-minded brand and juicing each other’s audience, reputation, marketing capability and activity to increase your brand presence and reach.

One of the great advantages about our brand partnership programme is that you don’t need to spend monies like you do on other advertising mediums.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when partnering with PassionRaja.com:

  • You can reach a bigger and broader audience:
    • Targeted Audience within Tamilnadu (our current focus on Radio, Television, Print & Other Outdoor Medium advertising)
    • Targeted Audience at Pan-India Level (General Digital Medium advertising)
  • Your door way to offering Easy Online Shopping availability to the growing E-Shopping Indian. We help you add value to your consumer proposition, providing something above and beyond what your company and distribution channels can offer
  • You can enhance your brand awareness, and we will take care of enabling consumers to order your product with safe & secure payment and discreet delivery option
  • While you concentrate on your company/brand targets we enhance your growth through our already established strong brand values and satisfied loyal consumer base
  • What you get?*
    • Exclusive Brand Page
    • Banner/Email/SMS offer promotions
    • Video/Print/Digital Medium Advertising

Is your product eligible for our brand partnership programme ?

If you are a company or brand dealing with Sexual/Adult Wellness products then write us at partner@passionraja.com to unleash the true potential of your brand on the world of ecommerce.