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Sex Tips Every First Timer Should know
1. Relax and be positive: Approach sex with confidence, self respect, and a positive attitude rather than fear and self-doubt can make all the difference for both you and your partner. Be clean and fresh. Smell good. Attraction is the best pre-foreplay move. Shop Fragrances
2. Pay Attention: It’s vital to have proper communication. Start by talking to each other sensually or make eye contact or gestures. Always be aware of your partner’s feelings as it should not be a one side affair. It will help to know whether your partner enjoys what you’re doing. While at it minds may change. Feel brave to speak up. It’s OK to take time to get into the act.
3. Foreplay is essential: Sex is not just about penetration! Kiss, caress, hug, touch and give a relaxing massage to each other. Do everything to arouse each other. Shop Foreplay Essentials
4. Losing virginity: If you’re a woman about to lose your virginity its absolutely fine to be worried that sex will be painful. You can make it easier and less-painful if you’re well-lubricated. Women become wet naturally when arouse, so it’s important to indulge in Foreplay before penetration. Shop Lubricants
5. Add some flavours, eat some fun: Try from several flavoured condoms, lubricants and edible fun products. This will help you add extra time to your foreplay and the much required added fun as well ;-). Shop Edible Fun
6. Delay your climax: Use a topical medication that come in the form or desensitising sprays and creams. This helps men last longer and control pre-mature ejaculation. Those who would prefer to put on a condom can choose from varies brands offer regular and flavoured varieties. Shop Climax Delay
7. Add a bit of zing: A bit of extra can always add to better pleasure for both. Try the non-latex skin feel condoms, vibrating rings, blind folds, hand ties etc. Shop Better Pleasure
8. Finishers: Once your done try not to leave a mess around that would rather be an unpleasant end. Keep supplies to dispose off used condoms, tissues to wipe of sticky lubes etc. Shop Hygiene
9. Condoms & Lubes for Her: We have curated a collection of essentials ranging for condoms, lubes to hygiene washes for the special lady. Shop Essentials for Her
10. Final Tips: Don’t assume that first time sex will be top-class. No one is good the first time and SEX gets better over time as you get to know your partner and build a lovely lasting relationship. Like everything else it takes practise and gets better with experience. So relax and throw away worries and fears and just enjoy your first time. Happy Pleasing Times. –Team Browse our collection