Press Kit is an online store launched on 23rd September 2016, and is pleased to offer its E-commerce website that deals with Intimate and Personal Care products offering Nationwide Discreet Delivery, which is based out of Chennai, Tamilnadu. We also offer Cash-on-Delivery (COD) orders. Main motivation behind Passion Raja is to help Indians enjoy intimacy to the fullest by offering quality genuine products from top global brands. As one of the exclusive provider of intimate wellness products for both men and women in india, is your destination. PassionRaja is designed to meet the demands of consumers by offering a wide range of multiple brand condoms, lubricants and pleasure products for men and exclusive women section in a convenient online store. At PassionRaja, we ensure that the sexual wellness category is at the fingertips of our consumers anytime, anywhere and on any device, providing our consumers with easy access to a wide range of products and combo-packs that satisfy evolving preferences, we offer upto 30% discount on top selling condom brands. PasssionRaja also aims to educate about the products and offer to first timers.


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  • Condoms, Lubes & Climax Delay for Men
  • Women Care: Breast & Vaginal Care, Condoms & Lubes, Pregnancy & Ovulation Products
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Massage Oils & Perfumes 
  • Combo Packs & Wedding Gift Packs
  • Dedicated Page for First Time Buyers



We have teamed up with several top vendors in the industry to offer you an assortment of original and quality products to enhance your sex life. Choose from the wide range of Top Indian Brands like Durex, KamaSutra, Kohinoor, Manforce, Moods, Skore and some of the best from around the World from brands like Bijoux Indiscrets, Doc Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey, HOT, ID Lubricants, Pjur, ScreamingO, Shunga, System JO, Wet, Joy Division and more.


ABOUT THE WEBSITE strives in helping Indians enjoy intimacy to the fullest. In order to achieve our vision we’ve taken time to hand-pick several Indian and top International Brands via direct company and distributor channels in order to provide you with 100% original, genuine and safe products. PassionRaja strives the concept of Single Use and Sexual Wellness. We are extremely glad to offer you the best discreet buying experience and would love to hear your feedback to enhance your time on our site. Sex is a basic human instinct and over the years since ancient times a lot has changed in India. There were those early days when sex was discussed openly and widely and then the days when it’s an embarrassment and taboo.

It is this principle along with the need of the hour for a clean and fun intimate experience that led to the creation of one of India’s Safe & Discreet E-Store for the purchase of sexual wellness products.

Goal: To cover the whole of Chennai and offer a seamless Door-delivery service for Intimate Wellness products.



July2016, A Retail counter-dispensing store named PharmaXpress at Chennai was established offering top-class service at an affordable pricing on Live-Saving and essential medication with free home delivery and self-pickup services. 

Sep 2016, With the aim to provide intimate wellness products for both men and women in India, the brand was established, it’s an exclusive online store which deals only with intimate products. Passion Raja is dedicated to bring Indian market a wide selection of intimate wellness product at competitive prices along with educating the users with videos and articles.



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